Chapter 3 scenario: toddler brain research c

 To create an informational pamphlet for parents about good parenting  based on current brain research and to evaluate your pamphlet.


You are a teacher in a kindergarten class in a school  known for having very involved parents. Lately, several parents have  asked you about CDs they should purchase (e.g., Baby Einstein), or  specific educational toys designed to promote their child’s brain  development. The message you want to get across is that developing a  stable and nurturing relationship with your child is the number one  goal—far more effective than any product you can buy. Rather than having  parents put you on the spot about the “right way to teach their child,”  you decide to write a pamphlet for parents with ideas for the types of  dynamic interactions with the environment they can engage in with their  child. You also decide to incorporate a list of appropriate materials  for parents to have on hand at home, such as soft toys and beginning  books. You also include a Q&A section in which you briefly discuss  developmentally appropriate curricula (as opposed to curriculum that is  too advanced for young children).

Focus Assignment


1. Create a pamphlet for parents in which you explain how the  latest brain research has important implications for raising young  children. Provide three activities for healthy brain development that  incorporate stimulating activities such as touching, singing, playing  simple games, and talking. Incorporate a section describing three  stimulating materials for parents to have on hand at home. Last,  incorporate a two-item Q&A section to briefly discuss  developmentally appropriate curricula for the children in your  classroom.

2. Be sure to read the SELF-EVALUATION section below  to guide your thinking. Write your self-evaluation after you have  completed your pamphlet.


1. For each activity in your pamphlet:
     a. Explain how this activity addresses the issues in the scenario.

2. Describe and justify how your pamphlet would improve teaching and learning in the scenario.

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