Business simulation task 2.3 | BCOMPS

Task 2.3
Introduction: An introduction is mandatory. It should clearly state the purpose and relevance of applying the experience of the Business Simulation to the reality of the chosen company. The reasons why this report is useful to the company should be stated.

Part One: In this part of the report the student reviews the Strategy, Tactics and Decisions taken by their team in the Capstone Business Simulation. The student evaluates the success of the Strategy and Tactics used and of the Decisions taken using the results of both the performance and budget products in the different markets they operated in.

Part Two: In this part of the report the student identifies the differences in the competitive environment between the Capstone simulation and the Comp-XM one. The student analyses how these differences could affect the success of the Strategies they had used in the Capstone. On the basis of this analysis and the experience gained from the Capstone simulation, the student identifies the strategies that could maximize their firm’s performance in the Comp-XM simulation.

Part Three: In this part of the report, the student evaluates the success of the strategy that they have used in the CompXM. This evaluation is continuous over all the four rounds but specifically refers to the situation after the first two rounds and the situation at the end of the simulation. It should also cover the changes made to the strategy after the first two rounds and the effectiveness of those changes by the end of the simulation

Word count guide approx. 4000 words.

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