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Each team should view themselves as members of a corporation, consulting company, or the like
speaking to a business audience (senior management of a specific company, executives
representing the industry, etc.). Thus, teams will specify their “business identity” and their audience
before the presentation begins.

You will submit a legal opinion on the scenarios, including a detailed legal analysis. The minimum
word amount is 1500, excluding references and table of contents. In addition, each group will
prepare a slides presentation that sums up their work.

Group 1.-

1.- Your distributor in the UK has contacted you because they discovered that you, as the
Supplier/Manufacturer, are also selling your product in the territory assigned to them. They want
to start legal action. How are you going to proceed? Will they succeed? How can this be

2.- Your company has received notification of an inspection from the Data Protection Authorities
because of an EU citizen’s customer complaint about not having received all the data you have
stored about this customer. Now the Data Protection Authorities are requesting whether you
comply with data protection. What do you need to show?

3.- Your company has been a victim of a cyber-attack because one of your employees has
compromised hundreds of EU citizens’ data. You have just found out about it. What is the best
course of action? Also, consider your stakeholders.

4.- During the distribution agreement between your company and London Distributors Ltd., both
companies collaborate to create a new trademark. The London Distributors Ltd registers the
trademark in the UK and uses it on communication channels, particularly social media. What are
the issues here? What are the courses of action, and how can this be resolved?

5.- In October 2020, you incorporated a company (Your company name) that specialised in
(your chosen activity). You were the company’s only members, each owning 100, equivalent
to £1 per share. You were the company’s only directors.

For the past six months, the company has been experiencing financial difficulties. In May
2022, the company’s overdraft with the Bank plc had reached its limit of £250,000. In return
for increasing the overdraft limit to £300,000, the Bank plc demanded security and took a

floating charge over all the company’s assets. The business continued to struggle, and in
October 2022, you were informed by the company’s auditor that insolvent liquidation was
inevitable. However, you disagreed and held out hope that the company’s financial
prospects would improve. You decided to try and trade their way out of their financial
difficulties by having a sale. Unfortunately, the sale failed to increase business, and in
December 2022, your company was wound up. By this time, the company’s overdraft with
the Bank amounted to £290,000.

A liquidator is appointed and has discovered several disturbing facts (i) in April 2022; you
caused the company to repay an unsecured loan of £5,000, which one of you had made to
the company some months before; (ii) in addition to the money owed to the Bank, the
company owes £10,000 to the Tax authorities, £30,000 to employees in wages, and
£100,000 to unsecured creditors.

The liquidator estimates that the total remaining assets of your company amount to
£150,000. Liquidator’s expenses in acting as liquidator amount to £3,000. Advise the

Because of the knowledge that you have gained in this course, you are going to discuss the

1.- the role of the liquidator,

2.- how to best swell the pool of assets and

3.- who is entitled to those assets, and in what order?

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