Biology – physiology assignment 2

Complete Assignment 2 by giving one ORIGINAL example (not found in the book) in 2-3 complete sentences for EACH concept listed below:

These Concepts are from Chapter Four

1. Conditioned Response (One ORIGINAL Example)

2. Spontaneous Recovery (One ORIGINAL Example)

3. Positive Punishment (One ORIGINAL Example)

4. Premack Principle (One ORIGINAL Example)

5. Variable-Ratio Schedule (One ORIGINAL Example)

6. Incentive Theory (One ORIGINAL Example)

These Concepts are from Chapter Five

7. Iconic Memory (One ORIGINAL Example)

8. Implicit Memory (One ORIGINAL Example)

9. Infantile Amnesia (One ORIGINAL Example)

10. Physical Level of Processing (One ORIGINAL Example)

11. Proactive Interference (One ORIGINAL Example)

12. Source Misattribution (One ORIGINAL Example)

These Concepts are from Chapter Six

13. Ill-Defined Problem (One ORIGINAL Example)

14. Algorithm (One ORIGINAL Example)

15. Confirmation Bias (One ORIGINAL Example)

16. Representativeness Heuristic (One ORIGINAL Example)

17. False Positive (One ORIGINAL Example)

18. Nature (One ORIGINAL Example)

19. Nurture (One ORIGINAL Example)

20. Reaction Range (One ORIGINAL Example)

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