Atomic bomb course project continuation- 3 assignments

Continuation from Atomic Bomb Course Project

Discussion Paper: Research Plan – Minimum of 2 paragraphs

For your paper, organize your revised research questions, current thesis statement, and an outline or checklist of your plan for conducting further research on your topic into a new discussion post. In a few paragraphs, discuss what relevant sources you have identified and the process for accessing those sources. 

Then complete:

Historical Context Chart WORKSHEET

Choose three secondary sources from the “Research Kit” pertaining to your research topic, and complete the Historical Context Chart worksheet to explore the similarities and differences among the sources.

Choose three articles from your selected topic in the “Research Kit” to read through and compare.

As you read through each article, consider the three main questions for analyzing secondary sources from Theme 2:

     1. What argument is your source’s author making? (This is the thesis statement.)

     2. Why is your source’s author making this argument? What is at stake for him or her?

     3. Where are there weak points in your source’s arguments? Do you see any potential bias or flaws in your source’s argument?

Copy and paste the full citation of each article in the Article Citation field. Next, explain in the chart how you think the historical context in which these articles were written may have impacted the authors’ interpretations of the articles. You are encouraged to check out this site ( to help you formulate your thoughts on the historical context of your three articles. Use information from the articles to complete the Historical Context Chart.

Then complete:

PROJECT 2: Research Plan and Introduction FINALIZE- WORKSHEET

You should create the Research Plan component of Project 2.Use your work from “Short Response: Research Plan Preparation” paper and “Discussion paper: Research” Plan to create your Research Plan. Remember that your Research Plan should contain the following:

     1. One revised research question from your completed “Topic Exploration Worksheet”

     2. A list of two secondary sources, and based on those sources: 

          a) A three- to five-sentence explanation of your event’s historical context

          b) A three- to five-sentence discussion of how historical context influenced your event

     3. A list of two primary sources, and based on those sources: 

          a) A three- to five-sentence explanation of how your primary sources relate to your secondary sources

          b) A three- to five-sentence explanation of how your primary sources add to your understanding of the topic

Open up the Short Response: Research Plan Preparation” paper you worked on for your Research Plan previously. You should create the Introduction component of Project 2. Create an introduction to a hypothetical research paper that contains the following: 

     1. A three- to five-sentence discussion of background information about your historical event to capture the interest of your audience.

     2. A two- to three-sentence explanation of how you will use the primary and secondary sources you listed in the Research Plan in your hypothetical research paper.

     3. A two- to three-sentence thesis statement based on your research question that addresses your historical event and explains how your event has been influenced by historical context.

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