Assignment content it is suggested to use the same company/project

 Assignment Content  It is suggested to use the same company/project idea you used in this week’s Learning Team assignment.    Prepare a visual presentation for the project sponsor and other executives of the company that describes the team structure for the project.    Submit a 10- to 15-slide presentation with speaker notes for each slide. Include the following:  The fundamentals of the project team structure The stage model of team development that will be used The stages in the life cycle of the project The team leadership needed at each stage The roles of the project leader in team management (internal and external)   Submit your assignment as a PowerPoint file. Do not convert to PDF or your speakers notes will be lost.    Instructor Notes:    You are presenting how the Project Team (for your project being discussed, not your Learning Team) will be structured.  Your slides should be professional and convey the overview of the presentation.  Speakers notes should be extensive. This would be what you would say if presenting the work.  Give notes a final read pretending that you know nothing about the project. make sure that it makes sense to the casual reader.  Review the Grading Guide to insure that you understand the elements that will drive your grade.  1-3 references would be appropriate for this assignment (concepts and principles that support what you are discussing) 

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