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Cynthia, this is good, but it’s going to be controversial because I don’t understand why you have not mentioned men. It is as important for men to have the same information as both parties share the burden of responsible reproduction. Unless you’re saying women should be more responsible – in which case – you would certainly have picked a controversial topic. I just need you to know that you mean to. If you just were thinking about a topic about women – you cannot really leave out men – but if you wanted to state that women need more education because they are the most responsible – then, that’s another issue. Let me know if you have questions. 

Assignment 3 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Essay meets all basic requirements and stays on topic.


The topic is clearly explained in the introduction paragraph. The topic is conducive to argument writing.


Body paragraphs further elaborate on the topic using plentiful examples and illustrative details.


Essay is organized and focused. Each paragraph has a distinct and well-developed main idea. Transition sentences help the reader move smoothly between paragraphs. Conclusion paragraph wraps up the paper effectively.


Essay demonstrates correct use of grammar, word choice, sentence mechanics, and APA formatting as described in The New McGraw-Hill Handbook.



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