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Read the fictional problem below, then answer the subsequent questions. The questions call you to walk through the problem using the Five Stages of Problem Solving found in the class text.
Your response should be one to two pages in length and follow these guidelines:
• Double-spaced
• 12 point Times New Roman font
• One inch margins
• Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation

In 2005 Ben opened a fast-food restaurant called “Tornado Tacos” which combined tasty taco toppings with technology. Ben had avidly ingested tacos for years and was always perturbed by how taco toppings were always at the top of the meat and never mixed within; he thus opened Tornado Tacos! 
Customers choose which toppings they want on their tacos and Ben places them in a patented ‘tornado spin mixer’ where the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. The toppings do not lose their integrity (tomatoes are still crispy, etc.) and the customer enjoys the taste of every selected taco topping in each bite of a Tornado Taco!
Tornado Tacos enjoyed mind-blowing profits and success for the first three years due to creative advertising. The commercials featured lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes getting married by a taco shell; after the taco shell pronounced them married, they took their honeymoon in the ‘tornado spin mixer’. 
Upon the popularity of this commercial, the Monogamous Toppings for a Homogenous Gullet (MTHG) began a national boycott against Tornado Tacos, stating that the commercial endorsed polygamous topping-sharing. Within six months Ben’s profits began to reflect the boycott and spiraled downward.
Ben now comes to your company, Novel Solutions to Non-Traditional Problems (NSNTP), for help. Ben is adamant on maintaining his First Amendment Freedoms as an artist, yet wants to see Tornado Tacos profitable. What plan do you have for him?
1. Identify the Problem.
2. What techniques can be used to adopt the right attitude?
3. Generate ideas and options for a possible solution. What specific techniques do you use?
4. Select a Solution. 
5. How would you implement and evaluate the solution selected

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