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INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT (Part 2) Sketch A Solution Presentation: Maternal Health and Physical Activity

This assignment is based on your understanding of the factors in this case study.

Read Case Study Maternal Health Physical Activity Case Study.docx 

Sketch- a- solution assignments must clearly connect proposed solutions to the theory or model studied that week. This presentation assignment needs to include solutions for each level of the social-ecological model and how the individual and community can be influenced to support maternal child health outcomes, specifically include ideas based on social cognitive theory and social capital theory.

Why is this part called a presentation? You are being asked to refine content from your ideas list to showcase what you’ve learned from this module. Your grade will be based on your ability to clearly identify theoretically-based solutions linked to course content that could support pedestrian safety and public health.


Step 1: Review Crazy 8s ideas posted in the discussion forum. Review your own list and up to four other lists submitted by your peers to help generate more ideas. 

CAUTION! Avoid looking at too many lists to prevent idea overload. There will likely be more than 100 ideas submitted and self-control with idea absorbing will be essential.

Step 2: Refine your original ideas, looking for solutions you think need improvement or clarification.

You can use other peers’ ideas to refine your list.

Remember you will need at least one solution for each level of the social-ecological model.

For example:

Individual-level: your personal behaviors that can support new solutions

Group and Family level: friends, family, classmates, academic advisors, professor, anyone who supports public health solutions

Organizational level: The university, place of work, or place of worship/spiritual practice, a healthcare system that can support the solutions

Societal level: your city, state, or country and things they can do to support the solutions

Policy level: courses of action on a governmental level that can support the solutions

Include ideas linked to constructs in the following theories:

social cognitive theory

social capital theory

Step 3: Review & refine again:

Try looking at the solutions from different points of view: as a health professional, a patient, parent, a program participant, a funding agency, a loved one.

Repeat this process as needed until you have solutions you are satisfied with.

Step 4: Define & detail:

Use ideas and strategies you are confident about. Use what you absorbed from the learning materials and assigned readings. Be certain your ideas include correct information and cite your sources. Adjust and erase ideas or let them naturally fade away as you add more detail to the solution.

Remember to connect it to the content of the class! Failure to clearly connect each solution with the theory or model of the unit will result in a 10 point deduction for this assignment. Have fun with this assignment, but keep it relevant to the course! 

Your writing or drawing doesn’t need to be perfect, but it does need to be clear. 

Avoid being overly critical of your work, take what you have, and go with it. 

Step 5: Produce the final product using the template below:

Image/sketch 1: 

Paragraph 1: Once upon a time…

Image/sketch 2:

Paragraph 2: Every day…

Image/sketch 3:

Paragraph 3: One day…

Image/sketch 4:

Paragraph 4: Because of that…

Image/sketch 5:

Paragraph 5: Because of that…

Image/sketch 6:

Paragraph 6: Until finally…

 Not sure you’re on the right track? View some examples submitted by former students:


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