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I’m currently pursuing MBA program, and also I’m working as a “QA Automation Engineer” in Information Technology (IT). 

Question: Please provide a brief explanation of how the position for which you are applying for CPT approval directly relates to your program of study.Please be sure to write clearly and legibly!

              MBA Subject’s

                        * Managerial Economics 

                        * Managerial Accounting 

NOTE: Please write the answer related to my current MBA program. 

Please use below reference.


The Operations Security course concepts directly relates to my job responsibilities. The main focus of this course is about the Information Security Policies and about the IT Security Framework. I got my major focus of work experience with Incident Response Policies and Report.

The concept of IT Security Policy Framework was introduced to me for the first time. So I got to study my company Policies. The topics like Data Management and Risk Assessment in IT domain are implemented by me on day to day basis. Risk assessment is considered to be the most important topic for this course. Here We prioritise the risk factor and work according to the level of priority. I worked on Cassandra tool for designing data modelling. This database is used for performance tuning and making schematic for cassandra architecture. Data Policies must be taken into consideration while working on Cassandra database.

Introduction of concepts with Incident Response Policies helped me to join my company Incident response team. I was one of the key person in that project. I directly applied the theory concepts to the project. Acted as the SME(Subject Matter Expert) with the current trend. Here I worked with the current updation of the policies with the latest technology. Some of the Policies that I worked are with the PII and security Incident Report. PII (personal identifiable information) has to be more secured and the data should be accessible for limited people based on the level of hierarchy. I proposed some modifications in Physical Security Incidents with the Initial Reporting System and Investigation.

             I got a chance to work with the recent Burglary Incident that occured in my company. My role is to identify the damage of the equipment and provide estimated reports. Work on the Potential level of data risk for the damage. I prioritise the risk as high,medium and low level of it. Here in that incident some of the company mobiles and laptops are stolen, in which some devices can be logged in without passwords. These electronic equipment have PII and company information. We immediately informed to some of our vendors and customers about this incident and alerted not to respond to any spam calls. About the company confidential information, we try to change all the security passwords of the devices. As we don’t have tracking with the devices, we made a new policy to mandatories the tracking system in all equipment. Advanced GPS tracker was proposed in all devices, that will track devices even they are switched off. Our Security cameras are unable to capture the clear video files during night time. We proposed for night vision cameras. 

I personally feel this course enhanced my perspective regarding problem solving skills in IT Security Policies. After this course I am able to handle the challenges and policies that are my project. I was able to design,organize, implement and maintain IT Security Policy Framework. The experience in working with Incident Response team helped me to shape my career to new phase. Overall this course bought new phase in dealing my work towards  current Information Security Policies.


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