Analysis of the tao of equus

Description This assignment is designed to take into consideration all course objectives.  This assignment serves to facilitate a student’s competence in relation to analyzing treatment that includes animal-assisted applications/interventions covered during the course. first read Kohanov, L.  (2001).  The tao of equus.  New World Library. Please answer the following questions in your analysis (each question is worth 3 points): 1) How did Kohanov utilize equine-assisted therapy in her practice? 2) Discuss and describe what Kohanov means in terms of “emotional resonance” and “emotional congruity.” 3) Based on your reading of The Tao of Equus and other course materials – what types of DSM 5 diagnoses do you think would be most appropriate to treat with equine assisted therapy and why? 4) Based on your reading of The Tao of Equus and other course materials – how would you incorporate some of the information gleaned through your readings in actual practice (please give some real life examples)? 5) Discuss and describe limitations of traditional therapy listed by Kohanov. 6) Discuss and describe what Kohanov means in terms of “sympathetic vibrations.” How to post your assignment: In the Learning week 5 forum under Final: Analysis of The Tao of Equus you will: Type the corresponding numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6) and answers as well as APA references for any citations used. 

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