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American is often describe as ” the land of opportunity” but there are also many aspects of American culture that are detrimental to the American way of life. this essay will be a sythesis essay and you need to examine one American culture that either helps or hurts people.A synthesis essay needs to a strong point of view based on research and information put together from several sources. summarize your finding and explain why you believe this is a core value for American also you will provide example that prove why this value either helps or hurts American. this essay is based on your opinion, avoild phrase like I think, Ibelieve, etc . YOUR THESIS STATEMENT SHOULD STATE THE CORE VALUE YOU ARE COVERING AND BRIEFLY EXPLAIN WHY.  ALSO IT SHOULD EXPLAIN MOOD OG ORGANIZATION YOU WILL BE USING WITHIN THE SENTENCE STRUCTURE. You should choose a specific issue related to the value:  Accountability, Accessibility, Availability ,honor, ethics/morals etc MLA CITATION , at least three sources to support your argument. 4 pages outline separatly.

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