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Write an es  .say of approximately 1,000 words on the following question. Make specific reference to the readings and include page numbers.

All writers on Congress agree that representatives are mainly motivated by the wish to stay in office. This may be the root of Congress’s difficulties, but it could be argued that there is nothing wrong with this state of affairs. Insofar as the desire for reelection makes members responsive to the desires of their constituencies, it is democracy in action. Members of Congress are largely elected to represent the express wishes of their districts; the more scared these members are of being unseated, the more democratically they are likely to behave. Using the text and the assigned readings from Chapter 6 of KJK, discuss the following issues: What difficulties are created for Congress by the fact that its members often behave in their own self interest (getting reelected)? Can you think of further problems that stem from the congressional electoral connection? What, on the other hand, are the benefits of this system of representation?

Cite using the sources from the textbook and the links above. Facts from chapter 6 of the attached book must be used. At least 7 sources APA style.

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