Agriculture: wheat rothamsted experimental station

Agriculture: Wheat Rothamsted Experimental Station (England) has studied wheat production since 1852. Each year, many small plots of equal size but different soil/fertilizer conditions are planted with wheat. At the end of the growing season, the yield (in pounds) of the wheat on the plot is measured. The following data are based on information taken from an article by G. A. Wiebe in the Journal of Agricultural Research (Vol. 50, pp. 331–357). For a random sample of years, one plot gave the following annual wheat production (in pounds):


Use a calculator to verify that, for this plot, the sample variance is s2≈ 0.332. Another random sample of years for a second plot gave the following annual wheat production (in pounds):


Use a calculator to verify that the sample variance for this plot is s2≈ 0.089. Test the claim that the population variance of annual wheat production for the first plot is larger than that for the second plot. Use a 1% level of significance.

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