A2 — write an algorithm that uses a loop (1) to input 10 pairs of

A2 — Write an algorithm that uses a loop (1) to input 10 pairs of numbers, where each pair repreents the score of a football game with the Computer State University (CSU) score listed first, and (2) for each pair of numbers, determine whether CSU won or lost. After reading in these 10 pairs of values, print out the won/lost/tie record of CSU. IN addition, if this record is a perfect 10-0, then print out the message “Congratulations on your undefeated season!”

A3 — Develop an algorithmn to compute gross pay. The inputs to your algorithm are the hours worked per week and the hourly pay rate. The rule for determining gross pay is to pay the regular pay rate for all hourse worked up to 40, tim-and-a-half for all hours over 40 up to 54, and double time for all hours over 54. Compute and display the value for gross pay using this rule. After displaying on value, as the user whether he or she wants to do another computation. Repeat the entire set of operations until the user says no.

B1 — Use the binary search algorithm to decide whether 35 is in the following list:
3, 6, 9, 12, 14, 18, 21, 22, 31, 43
What numbers will be compared to 35?

B2 — Determine the decimal value of the following unsigned binary numbers:

A. 1100000 B. 11111111

C. 01010101 D. 11001100

B3 — Using 8 bits, what is the unsigned binary representation of each of the following values?


C — Solve the following 4 hexadecimal problems:

+ C2 -FF1
—– ——

OFF 123
– 3 +97C
—– ——

D — Discuss some situations where a sequential storage device such as tape could be a useful form of mass storage and why.

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