A dog breeder specializes in golden retrievers

A dog breeder specializes in golden retrievers. The local police department suspects that this breeder is selling puppies with an abnormal amount of hip problems to out of state customers. The department learns that the probability of a golden retriever pup developing hip problems in its first year of life is 10% (.10). How many pups out of a litter of 5 must develop hip problems for the police department to take action against this breeder with 95% confidence that she is guilty?

Assume that we are estimating 2 different basketball players’ free throw shooting accuracy. The first basketball player is on a collegiate team and plays the sport almost daily year round. After watching that player shoot, we estimate that she will make 85% (.85) of her free throws. The second player, a doofus college professor with little athletic ability, is similarly observed and his free throw average is estimated at 15%. How many free throws must the first player make in a row before you can confidently reject the following null hypothesis:

Ha: The player’s free throw percentage was incorrectly estimated
Ho: The player’s free throw percentage was not incorrectly estimated

How many free throws must the second player make in a row in order to confidently reject the same null hypothesis? Use the 95% level of confidence for both players.

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