815 wk10 final | Social Science homework help

· Date and time of observation:

· Location: Detroit Agency on Aging (DAA)

· The general agency’s environment and atmosphere:

· Take note of the facility’s accessibility, cleanliness, and physical layout.

· Look for amenities and resources for older adults.

2. Services and Programs:

· The services and programs offered by DAA:

· Check their website and agency brochures and flyers.

· Note the diversity and comprehensiveness of services including healthcare, transportation, food, and social activities.

· Determine service eligibility and enrollment:

· Check age and income criteria.

· Note waiting lists and required paperwork.

· Evaluate service information accessibility:

· Look for informative signs.

· See whether employees actively help tourists.

3. Staff and Interactions:

· Watch staff-client interactions:

· Observe staff friendliness and professionalism.

· The need for a change is evident in the way that the staff members react to the demand for change.

· Monitor staff-to-client ratio and workload:

· Assess the staff’s workload and assistance.

· Staff cultural competence:

· See whether staff respects older adults’ different origins and needs.

4. Facilities and Amenities:

· Assess physical amenities:

· Note whether there are sitting places, toilets, and specific equipment for older adults.

· Check for age-friendly, well-maintained facilities.

· Assess the agency’s accessibility:

· Note ramps, handrails, elevators, and other accessibility features.

· Assess the environment for mobility barriers for older adults.

5. Collaboration and Community Engagement:

· Look for DAA partnerships with other organizations:

· Notify community centers, healthcare providers, and local businesses about joint programs and resources.

· Find community engagement:

· Look for community outreach, seminars, and events for older adults.

· See whether older adults can provide feedback or make decisions.

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