(1) according to dominic lopes, what is distinctive about computer


Write on ONE of the following topics:

(1) According to Dominic Lopes, what is distinctive about computer art? Give on example of computer art. What distinguishes cmputer art from analog art and from digital art that does not qualify as computer art?

(2) Explain the Turing Test. Is the Turing Test a valid test for intelligence? If not, what is the Turing Test a test for? How could the Turing Test be improved so as to actually test for intelligence?

(3) Consider the extended mind thesis. What ethical conclusion might derive from interpreting Otto’s notebook as an extension of his mind? Do you think evolution evolved brain explicitly to outsource cognitive function to reduce the workload? Explain your answers.

(4) Kevin Kelly (founder of Wired magazine) claims that no technology is ever completely out of bounds. Having a new technology is always an unalloyed good. It is always better to have a new technology at our disposal and simply seek to manage it properly. Do you agree with Kevin Kelly? Explain your answer.

(5) What would you do in the Bystander at the Switch scenario? (A) Throw the switch in order to maximize well-being (five people surviving is greater than one.) (B) Not throw the switch because that would be a form of killing, and killing is inherently wrong. Explain and defend your answer.

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